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Contact Us: Services Directory

WNC Library staff directories.

Contact Us

The library staff welcomes your questions and comments by telephone or email. 

If you are calling the Beck Library (Fallon Campus) from off campus, dial (775) 423-5330.  If you are calling from on campus, dial the extension listed to reach the individual directly.


Physical Address

Carson City Campus Library

Library & Media Services
 2201 W. College Parkway
Carson City, Nevada 89703

Tel. (775) 445-3229

Fallon Campus Library

‚ÄčBeck Library
160 Campus Way
Fallon, NV 89406

Tel. (775) 423-5330

Services Directory

General Information

Circulation Desk (Carson City)                                                                                                    (775) 445-3229
Circulation Desk (Fallon)                                                                                                             (775) 423-5330 x2241

Reference Services, Research Help

Carson City                                                                                    refdesk (at)                (775) 445-3227
Fallon                                                                                            ron.belbin (at)            (775) 423-5330 x2244

Library Instruction & Orientations

Larry Calkins (Carson City)                                                            refdesk (at)                 (775) 445-3227
Ron Belbin (Fallon)                                                                         ron.belbin (at)            (775) 423-5330 x2244

 Media Services

Troy Tingle (Carson City)                                                              media (at)                    (775) 445-4241
Ron Belbin (Fallon)                                                                        ron.belbin (at)             (775) 423-5330 x2244

Video Taping/Production Services

Troy Tingle (Carson City)                                                                media (at)                  (775) 445-4241
Walt Lewis (Fallon)                                                                        walter.lewis (at)           (775) 423-7565

Reserve Materials

Erich Holcombe (Carson City)                                                       wnclrc (at)                   (775) 445-3229
Ron Belbin (Fallon)                                                                        ron.belbin (at)             (775) 423-5330 x2244

Interactive Video Scheduling

Donna Redfern                                                                              donna.redfern (at)       (775) 445-4245

Interactive Video Services/Support

Ralph Schilling (Carson City, Douglas)                                          ralph.schilling (at)      (775) 445-3360
Walt Lewis (Fallon, Rural Centers)                                                 walter.lewis (at)         (775) 423-7565