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English Language Learning: Finding Books

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Spanish-English Bilingual Books

Beginning Level
Adventures of Connie and Diego/ Las Aventuras de Connie y Diego. (PC4115 .G333)
Carlos and the Squash Plant/ Carlos y la Planta de Calabaza.  (PZ73 S758)
Cuentos: Tales From the Hispanic Southwest.  (GR111 .M49 G74.)
De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children. (M1997 D32)
Diego wants to be/Diego Quiere Ser (PZ73 .R6285)
Estrellita Says Good-Bye To Her Island /Estrellita Se Despide De Su Isla  (PZ73.C2773)
Friends from the Other Side/ Amigos del Otro Lado.  (PZ73 A59)
Gullywasher/El Chaparrón torrencial.  Joyce Rossi. (PZ7.R7215 Gu)
Laughing tomatoes and Other Spring Poems / Jitomates Risueños y Otros Poemas de Primavera.  (PS3551.L22 L38)
Legends from Latin America / Leyendas de Latinoamérica. (PC4127 L4 L39)
Legends from Mexico/ Leyendas de Mexico.  ( PC4127 .L4 B3413 1995)
Magic Windows: Cut-Paper Art and Stories / Ventanas Mágicas: Papel Picado Y Relatos (E184.M5 L59)
Remembering Grandma/Recordando a Abuela. (PZ73 A676)
Tortillitas Para Mama and Other Nursery Rhymes. (PQ6267 E4 N87)

Intermediate Level
Cuentos: Tales From the Hispanic Southwest.  (GR111 M49 G74)
Legends from Latin America/ Leyendas de Latinoamérica.  (PC4127 L4 L39)
Legends from Mexico/ Leyendas de México.  ( PC4127.L4 B3413)
Ode to Walt Whitman and Other Poems. Federico García Lorca. (PQ6613.A763 A213) 
Late and posthumous poems: English and Spanish.  Pablo Neruda.  (PQ8097.N4 A22) 
Twentieth-century Latin American poetry: A Bilingual Anthology.  (PQ7087.E5 T94)

Finding books on the library shelves

All  college libraries in Nevada use the Library of Congress Classification System to organize their books. Books are arranged A - Z, with each letter corresponding to a subject. To find books on this topic, go to the following areas:

JK1758 Citizenship
PE English Language
PC Spanish, French, Dictionaries

Gateways to the Sun/Puertas al Sol Bilingual Books

 This beautifully illustrated collection of books covers well-known Hispanic poets, artists, writers, etc. There are two books for each title – one in English and the other in Spanish. The library owns each book in both English and in Spanish. Click on Gateways to the Sun to get a list of titles in the collection. Titles in the series include: