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American History

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Research Tips

Guide Notes:
History is one of the broadest subjects of study. Due to the nature of the field, subject keywords are not necessarily useful outside of the specific event, region, or theme that is being researched along with the search term "history" and/or the time frame you are interested in. If you need assistance finding appropriate resources or clarifying your search, please contact us at


  • Geographic Fields: North America, the American West, etc.
  • Thematic Fields: Social History, History of Medicine, History of Religion, History of Genocide, History of Law, etc.
  • Event Fields: WWI, WWII, The Civil War, The Cold War, etc.

LoC Classifications:

  • E-F - History of the Americas
  • E11-143 - America
  • E151-909 - United States
  • F1-975 - United States local History
  • F1001-1145.2 - British America (including Canada)
  • F1170 - French America
  • F1201-3799 - Latin America, Spanish America

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Professional Associations

National Council for History Education logo

National Council for History Education
The National Council for History Education provides professional and intellectual leadership to foster an engaged community committed to the teaching, learning, and appreciation of diverse histories. Through historical inquiry, NCHE empowers learners to research and interpret the past. 

American Historical Association logo

American Historical Association
The American Historical Association is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1884 and incorporated by Congress in 1889 for the promotion of historical studies. The AHA provides leadership for the discipline by protecting academic freedom, developing professional standards, supporting scholarship and innovative teaching, and helping to sustain and enhance the work of historians.
Directory of AHA Affiliated Societies