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Use the left-hand tabs below to find resources and tips for researching topics pertaining to biology.

Finding Articles

For guidance on finding appropriate databases, journals, and articles, we have these guides and tutorials:

For information regarding expanding or limiting your search results, please see these guides:

Best Databases for Finding Articles

Other Useful Databases


  • Open Journal of Medical Microbiology
    Open Journal of Medical Microbiology (OJMM) is an international journal dedicated to the latest advancements in Medical Microbiology. 
  • Animal Cells and Systems
    Animal Cells and Systems publishes open access research into animal science and biology, evolution, ecology, biochemistry, genetics and genomics.
  • Mycobiology
    Mycobiology publishes research on the biology, biochemistry and lifecycles of filamentous and lichen fungi, yeasts, moulds, oomycetes, and mushrooms.
  • Communicative & Integrative Biology
    Researching in biological sciences such as animal, plant, microbial communication, signaling, cognition, consciousness, evolution, ecology & behavioral ecology.

Niche Academy Tutorials: Databases

These tutorials from Niche Academy provide an excellent overview of how to use the various databases you have access to through the library.