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Searching the Library Catalog

Library Search(es)

The "Library Search" feature in the library catalog allows you to search the entirety of the materials held at WNC using keyword searches.

Because these searches tend to return more results than are manageable, we recommend using the "Tweak your results" options displayed in the right-hand drop down menus. 

While there are many different ways to change the materials returned using the "Tweak your results" options, many find the following sections to be the most useful to narrow or expand your results:

  • Availability
    Specify whether you are looking for resources online, those that are considered open-access, peer-reviewed journals, or those physically held in the library. If you are being asked to use scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, you would choose peer-reviewed journals in this section.
  • Subject
    This allows you to narrow down your search based on the primary subject of a work. For example, if you were researching "Virginia City, NV" you may want to choose "History" as the subject for historical information or "Science and Technology" if you were interested in mining technology.
  • Author/Creator
    If there is a particular author or creator (governmental departments, etc.) that you want to limit your results to, you can choose from a list of all of the authors whose work is listed in the search results. This is especially helpful if an author is a prolific writer and you want to see what they have contributed to the literature.
  • Library
    Use this section when trying to locate physical books. You can specify which campus library you are interested in searching. We can request that books be sent between Carson City and Fallon for you to use; instructions on how to make a request are coming soon.
  • Resource Type
    The resource type section is where you can specify the type of resource being returned: books, articles, reference entries, videos, etc. This is particularly helpful when you need peer-reviewed articles; you would want to specify "Peer-reviewed Journals" under Availability and "Articles" under Resource Type.
  • Collection
    In this search system, collection refers to the database source of materials in the search results. You can narrow down results to those from databases focused on your subject or aspect of interest (educational resources, medical databases, etc.).
  • Creation Date
    This section allows you to limit the search results to those written or published between a certain year range. If you are looking for recent materials, we generally recommend setting the dates to the last 5 years.
  • Journal Title
    In this drop down, you are able to choose to return results from specific journals. Similarly to Collection, you can narrow down your results to journals focused on a particular subject or aspect of interest.
  • Language
    Many journals publish in different languages; you can use this section to indicate the language used in the material(s).