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Searching the Library Catalog

Advanced Search(ing)

An advanced search is different from a simple search in that you can expand or narrow your search results by limiting or adding certain criteria for materials to meet.

An advanced search is especially helpful if you are receiving too many results or they aren't quite what you are looking for.

From the Library Search page, you can access these functions by clicking on "Advanced Search" to the right of the search bar.

Field Filters

The Field drop down menu allows you to specify the type of term you want to search for: Any Field, Title, Author/Creator, Subject, and User Tags. 

The "contains" drop down lets you tell the search to look for fields that contain the search term and related terms, fields that match the search terms exactly, or those that start with a particular term.


Include or Exclude Search Terms

You can use this drop down option to specify terms to include, combine, or exclude in order to narrow or expand your search results.

Use AND to combine terms that you want to search; the results will include items with both terms
Example: "biological anthropology" AND forensics will return results that contain both biological anthropology and forensics; it will exclude any that do not mention both

Use OR if there is more than one term that may be applicable and you want results for either of them
Example: "biological anthropology" OR "physical anthropology" will return results that contain either of these phrases

NOT (or -)
Using NOT or a minus sign before the word(s) you don't want will tell the search function to look for results with the first word but will exclude any that contain the second one.
Example: "biological anthropology" NOT forensics will return results for biological anthropology and will exclude any that mention forensics

Material Type

The material type drop down lets you pick the kind of resource you are interested in. This is where you would specify that you are looking for a book, journal, article, video, etc.

Please note that "Journals" retrieves full journals to recommend whereas "Articles" searches specifically for articles within journals. Unless you need a specific journal, we recommend searching for "Articles" for most research purposes.

Filter by Language

Many of the available resources are published in different languages; you can use this section to indicate the language used in the material(s).

Publication Date Range

This section allows you to limit the search results to those written or published between a certain year range. If you are looking for recent materials, we generally recommend setting the dates to the last 5 years.