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Searching the Library Catalog

Bibliography, Reference, and Works Cited Pages

Once you have found a scholarly article or book about your topic, check the list of sources that the author has used in their work. There may be articles or sources that you can use in your own research; you may also see trends in who is publishing prominently/frequently in a particular field, you can search for the author(s) to see if perhaps there are other articles they have written.

Subject or Keyword Listings

If you look at the subject listings for a book or article, you will see how the resource has been officially identified. You can click on these subject headings or use them as search terms to find other resources that focus on the same subject matter.

After clicking on a title in the catalog, you will see the subjects listed.

In listings from the main catalog, subjects can be found here:

In the EBSCO databases, once you choose an article, book, etc. the subject listings may be found here: