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Academic Coaching Information

How to Access Online Coaching with InSpace

**Special Note** Apple Product users (iPad, iPhone, MacBook, ect...), will need to download the InSpace App, then follow these instructions. The app is listed under the name InSpace Proximity.

  1. The first time:
    1. Log into Canvas
      Image of the Canvas log on page.

    2. Select InSpace: Academic Coaching from your dashboard
      Image of Canvas dashboard with an arrow indicating the location of the InSpace class.

    3. Click Home in the left-hand menu
      Image of the InSpace Canvas course with arrows pointing at the Home option.

    4. Select "InSpace Login" found in the "Welcome to InSpace: Academic Coaching" module.
      Image of the Canvas Welcome to InSpace Academic Coaching Module with a green arrow pointing to the InSpace Log in link

    5. Click "Open InSpace Login in a new window"
      Image of the InSpace Canvas course with arrows pointing at the link to open the space in a new window

    6. Accept the cookies request on the left side of the screen and log into InSpace using your Google account or other email address.
      Image of the log in page with arrows pointing at the location of the "Accept Cookies" option

  2. After you have logged into InSpace:
    1. Click "allow" on the message that appears in the upper left-hand corner to use your camera and microphone on InSpace
      Image of the InSpace Canvas course with arrows pointing at the option to allow use of the camera and microphone

    2. Choose how to enter the Space:​​​​​​​
      1. Select on or off for Audio & Video 
        Image of InSpace Audio and Video on/off toggle options

      2. (Optional) Change Display Name & Pronouns
        Image of InSpace welcome screen indicating where the user's name and pronouns may be specified

    3. Click "Join Space"
      Image of the location of the Join Space link

  3. After clicking "Join Space" you will enter the reception area.
    Image of the InSpace reception site

  4. Select a Space to join by clicking "Click to Join"
    Image of the InSpace site with arrows pointing to the location of the click to join option

    You can see who is already in a space here:

    Image of the InSpace room preview with arrows indicating the location of the participants list