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Literary Research Guide: Books

A guide to researching and locating articles, books, and other materials about writers and their works.

When to Use Books

Books, whatever their format, are a good source for:

  • detailed background or historical information on a topic
  • detailed analysis of a topic
  • providing a perspective of change over time
  • putting the topic into context with other issues, such as politics, society, or the economy.

Find books at WNC Library
(Classic Catalog)

To locate books about an author, search for his/her name as a keyword.  If you are looking for critical interpretations or analysis, you may want to add the term "criticism" to your search.   If you are searching for the title of a book, short story, or poem, input the title in quotations, such as, " The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" or "The Yellow Wallpaper." 


Finding books on the library shelves

All  college libraries in Nevada use the Library of Congress Classification System to organize their books. Books are arranged A - Z, with each letter corresponding to a subject. To find books on this topic, go to the following areas:

English Language PE
Literature (General) PN
French Literature PQ
English Literature PR
American Literature PS
Fiction PZ

Finding Books on the Library Shelves

Look at the video below for a short explanation of how to locate a book on the library shelves.

Contact the Library:

Carson City Campus Library
 2201 W. College Parkway, Carson City, NV 89703
Main: (775) 445-3229

 Beck Library, Fallon Campus
160 Campus Way, Fallon, NV 89406
Main: (775) 423-5330