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Spanish Language: Listening Skills

A compilation of library and web resources for learning Spanish.

Audio CDs Available for Loan at WNC Library

Spanish Podcasts

To listen to or subscribe to a podcast, you can use these individual websites, or you might find it easier to search in the iTunes music store. To learn more, read our Introduction to Podcasts.

Beginning Spanish:

Notes in Spanish -- Conversational Spanish from Spain

Coffeebreak Spanish -- Basic Spanish lessons

Intermediate and Advanced:

Notes in Spanish -- Conversational Spanish from Spain for learners at all levels. The podcasts are free but the written guides are available only through purchase.

BBC -- Mundo Hoy -- Noticias a fondo, análisis, ciencia, deportes y reportajes desde todo el mundo, con un especial foco latinoamericano.

Hablemos de cine -- Mexican podcast on cinema.

Desde el baño -- Podcasts from Argentina. Focuses on Argentinean expressions and vocabulary.

News in Slow Spanish. In this podcast native speakers discuss the “Weekly News, Spanish grammar, and Spanish expressions, and much more in simplified Spanish at a slow pace so that you can understand almost every word and sentence.”

Spanish Podcasts. An excellent site with free written guides. Each podcast offers a real-life situation along with grammar, new vocabulary, colloquialisms and easy explanations.

Audio Books & Magazines

BBC -- El Mensual - An audio magazine aimed at Intermediate Spanish learners.