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Anthropology: Web Sites

Favorite Anthropology Sites

Nevada Anthropology Web Sites

Anthropology Web Sites

  • American Anthropological Association
  • Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History.
    A searchable database of full-text monographic volumes that include some of the great ethnographies of the 20th century, particularly on North American Indians.
  • Anthropology Division: American Museum of Natural History
    As one of the oldest departments of anthropology in the United States, their collections and archives are important resources for the history and continuing work of anthropology. Includes over 200,000 digital images.
  • Anthropology Resources from Voice of the Shuttle
  • Becoming Human
    Becoming Human brings together interactive multimedia, research and scholarship to promote greater understanding of the course of human evolution. Sponsored by the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University.
  • Alaska Native Collections: Sharing Knowledge, by the Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian Institution.
    Covers ten cultures: Iñupiaq, St. Lawrence Island Yup'ik, Northeast Siberian, Athabascan, Unangan, Sugpiaq, Eyak, Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Haida.
  • The eSkeletons Project,
    The University of Texas at Austin has produced this online physical anthropology laboratory with animations and high-resolution three-dimensional digital images of the skeletons and bones of several primates, including humans.
  • The Giza Archives Project
    interactive Web resource from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). Giza is best known for the great pyramids of Old Kingdom pharaohs. The Web site is based on the museum's vast holdings of pictures, field notes, plans, and artifacts from the MFA-Harvard excavation.
  • African American archaeology, history and cultures
    This site offers links to resources about the African American past and excavations done in Africa itself. Context links cover African and African American culture, slavery and abolition

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