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Colleges and Universities: College Rankings & Comparisons

College Rankings

There are several organizations and publications that publish college rankings. Be sure to look at the criteria considered and methods used to compile the statistics.


  • College Reality Check
    A site from the Chronicle of Higher Education which helps compare colleges and answer questions like, How much will I actually pay for my degree? Will I graduate on time? and Will I make enough to repay my debt?
  • Compare College and Universities
    A site from The College Board that lets you compare up to three college side-by-side on a variety of factors. Brought to you by the creators of the SAT exam.

College Admissions

College Admissions (Khan Academy)

A site that walks potential students through the many factors that need to be considered in the college admissions process.

Should You Trust College Rankings?

Read this article from the Washington Post about criticism of the U.S. New & World Report rankings and other ranking sytems:

Strauss, Valerie. "U.S. News's College Rankings Face Competition and Criticism."Washington Post 17 Aug. 2007: A03. 5 Dec. 2008 .