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Library Instruction

Library Instruction

Class Research Orientations

The WNC librarians provide classroom research orientations to any WNC faculty member who requests one. If an instructor requires a research project, class orientations are encouraged. Orientations can be broad or tailored to a particular research assignment or subject area, i.e. History, Business or Nursing. Orientations usually take a typical class period (1 hour 15 minutes) and often include computer demos and a powerpoint presentation. Some instructors have their students complete a library assignment which reinforces the materials covered in the lecture. If you would like to schedule an orientation, you can submit this group instruction request form. Telephone the Reference Desk at 445-3227 for additional information. One week minimum notice is required.

Library Research Assignments

The librarians have prepared a useful library research assignment for any topic which faculty may use to help their students get started on their research papers. Using their own research topic, it asks the students to find a book, encyclopedia, magazine, and newspaper article, as well as a high quality web site, on their topic using library resources.

IRIS: An Information Literacy Research Tutorial

The WNC librarians strongly encourage instructors to have their students complete an excellent online research tutorial called IRIS (Information & Research Instruction Suite). IRIS introduces students to college-level research skills, including how to:

  • Identify a research topic and explore a variety of information resources to increase familiarity with the topic
  • Develop an appropriate research plan
  • Examine and compare information from various sources to determine accuracy and reliability, and
  • Use the information ethically and legally

There are two quizzes at the end of the tutorial which you may assign to your students.  After your students take the test(s), they can print them out and turn them in. 

Library Instruction Room (201) - Carson City

The Carson City Campus Library has an instruction room that seats 32 people and is equipped with 16 PCs, a data (computer) projector, a video/dvd player, and Lanschool - a classroom management software program. The librarians conduct orientations and lectures on research training in this room. For one time use, it is available for use by college personnel for workshops and training.  Contact the library reference desk at 445-3227 to schedule the room.