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Plan Your Search: Plan

Developing Your Topic

Boolean Logic Tutorial

Planning Your Search

Before you begin researching, think about the following:

  • Important Words and Phrases
    • Example:  global warming
  • Synonyms (Alternative words/phrases to describe your topic)
    • Example:  climate change
  • Related Topics
    • Example:  renewable energy. fossil fuels, carbon footprint
  • Agencies , Associations, Non-Profits
    • Example:  EPA, Dept. of Energy. Sierra Club,
  • Names Associated with the Topic 
    • Anyone from a local agency you could interview?
    • Example:  Al Gore

Use this tutorial to help you create an effective search:  Developing a Topic

In many cases, you might not know some of the above answers, but you will once you read more about your topic using the subject encyclopedias listed on the library's Getting Background Information page. 

Please don't hesitate to ask a librarian for help getting started.