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Student Success: Start Here

Tutoring services, books, videos, and more to help students succeed in college.

Hints for Success at WNC

  • Enroll in the three-credit class,  EPY150 - Strategies for Academic Success.
  • Take the placement tests so you can enroll in the right class.
  • Use the free tutoring services available at WNC.
  • Speak with a librarian for tips on writing a research paper and explore the library website.
  • Make an appointment with a WNC college and career counselor.  Call 445-3266.

Study Skills Web Sites

Reading College Textbooks

Contact Us

Research Help
(775) 445-3229 (Carson City)
(775) 423-5330 (Fallon)

Tutoring Services at WNC

On Campus Tutoring:  Academic Skills Center

WNC offers free tutoring in multiple subjects.  Click on "locations" to find the tutoring hours for your campus.

Learning Express

Using nearly 1,000 online tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks, this service helps to build skills in reading, writing, math, and basic sciences; prepare for placement tests and the GED, learn computer programs like Microsoft and Adobe Photoshop, and research careers.



Improving Computer Skills

Online Tutorials on Computer Software Programs

Free In-Person Computer Classes

  • The Carson City Public Library offers in-person beginner and advanced computer workshops. Here is a schedule of their classes. Be sure you click on the word "classes" to get a list of the short-term workshops.
  • If you are unemployed, you may be eligible for free computer classes through JOIN., a northern Nevada workforce development agency, providing educational and occupational training for individuals seeking careers, financial stability, and personal success.


Speaking in Class

Use “I” not “You” when speaking to another student or the instructor

Validate the other person’s perspective before sharing your own

Take an Assertiveness Training class – CPD 117B

Enroll in a communications class (COM 101, COM 102, BUS 107)

Jot down ideas/opinions first and then share them in class


Purdue OWL:  Online Writing Lab
Produced by Purdue University.

Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
Kathy Livingston

Writing in College: A Short Guide to College Writing
Produced at the University of Chicago.  Oriented to first and second year students.

Math Help

The WNC Library  Mathematics Research Guide provides links to tutors, books, videos, and web sites.

Listening Skills

Listening Sites from

Classes:  Notetaking, Listening, Participation
Produced by Dartmouth College's Academic Skills Center

Helpful Hints:

  • Read material before class which makes listening and understanding easier

  • Pay attention to material stressed by your instructor (repeated, intonation, written on board)

Self-Motivation Skills

Develop clear educational and career goals – see a college counselor or go to the Careers and Employment guide.

Will and Motivation Sites from