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English 101

Use the tabs below to explore resources that may useful in an English 101 course.

Welcome to the English 101 Guide!

In this guide you will find information and guidelines for library resources to help with assignments in the English 101 course. It is organized into sections to help direct your search for information. In the left-hand navigation tabs, you will find:

This section contains helpful resources focused on finding a topic and planning the information search process.

These resources are designed to help students become familiar with and use the library materials. Included are links and instructions for searching the library catalog, finding books on the shelves, and how to sign up for academic coaching. 

In this section, you will find links to guides to specific resources, such as news sources, biographical sites, reference materials, and using the web, among others. Included is information about evaluating sources of information for use in an academic setting.

This section includes websites and other resources for writing papers at a collegiate level. In addition, there are links to other guides focused on different types of papers or assignments that you may encounter.

In this section, you will find basic guidelines and links to topic guides that cover the specifics of the citation styles that you may be using, including MLA, Chicago, and APA. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at and the library staff will be happy to help.