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WNC OER Project

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English OER Materials

Reading Anthologies

Reading Anthology: Three Levels
Creator: Lumen Learning

Thematic Reading Anthology
Creator: Lumen Learning

OpenNow Non-Fiction Anthology
Creator: Cengage

OpenNow Reading Anthology
Note: This resource is primarily classic texts
Creator: Cengage

88 Open Essays: A Reader For Students of Composition & Rhetoric
Creator: Sarah Wangler, Tina Ulrich (eds.)

Full Textbooks

Writing Guide with Handbook 
(includes manual, PowerPoint slides, and a getting started guide)
Note: If the book is opened through OpenStax in the web view option, students can highlight and take notes from that page
Publisher: OpenStax
Creator Affiliation:  Multiple
Publication Date: 2021

Writing in College: From Competence to Excellence
Publisher: Milne Open Textbooks
Creator Affiliation:  SUNY
Publication Date: 2016

English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate
Publisher: Open Textbook Library    
Creator Affiliation:  University of Hawai’i
Publication Date: 2019 

Informed Arguments: A Guide to Writing and Research - Revised Second Edition
Publisher: Open Textbook Library    
Creator Affiliation:  Texas A&M
Publication Date: 2019 (Updated 2022)

Let’s Get Writing
Publisher: VIVA Open Publishing
Creator Affiliation:  Virginia Western Community College
Publication Date: 2020 

Rhetoric and Composition Wikibook
Publisher: WikiBooks
Creator Affiliation: various
Publication Date: Last edited 2020

Oregon Writes: Open Writing Text
Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources
Creator Affiliation: Oregon Writes
Publication Date: Last edited 2020

The Process of Research Writing
Note: Citation information is out of date
Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources
Creator Affiliation: Eastern Michigan University
Publication Date: 2007 

Supplementary OER Materials

Writing Commons
Includes full courses and materials on various topics

Paraphrasing Training Supplement
1 hour course with a certification to teach students how to appropriately paraphrase information

Full Course Material List: English Composition 1
Creator: Lumen Learning

Full Course Material List: College Writing

Creator: Lumen Learning via OER Commons