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Language Learning: Spanish

Use the tabs below to explore various resources for learning Spanish.

Research Tips

LoC Classifications:

  • PC4001-4977 - Spanish (Language)
  • PQ6001-8929 - Spanish Literature

Bilingual Books

Bilingual books are those that are written in two different languages, making them an excellent way to compare phrases and words between languages while becoming comfortable reading in another language. Some of the books available at WNC that are in both English and Spanish are:

Spanish Language Videos and Courses

  • BBC Languages: Spanish
    Spanish lessons for children and adults, links to courses online, and a directory of Spanish news, TV, & radio links are all included in the resources offered by the BBC. This site is archived, meaning it will not be updated, but the links are all currently active.
  • FSI Spanish Language Courses
    Six free Spanish language courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute
  • Duolingo
    A free language learning app that offers interactive lessons that are designed to feel more like playing a game than taking a language course.
  • EdX: Spanish Courses
    These are massive open online courses (MOOCs) provided by major educational institutions like Harvard and MIT. Courses are free, but certification generally requires a fee.
  • Practical Spanish
    Focused on conversational Spanish, this site offers videos and various courses to help students supplement their coursework.
  • Spanish Proficiency Exercises
    Produced by the University of Texas at Austin, this site is an index of videos, vocabulary and grammar lessons, and tasks designed for students at various levels of proficiency.