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How To: Find Sources

Use the tabs below to find information and links on finding different types of sources.

Welcome to the How To Find Sources Guide!

In this guide you will find information and guidelines for finding information about any subject you may be interested in. It is organized into sections to help direct your search for information. In the left-hand navigation tabs, you will find:

  • Starting Points and Tips
    In this section, we have compiled resources for evaluating information sources, ways to expand or narrow your search results, and places to check to find more information about a specific topic.
  • Books & eBooks
    This page contains information about finding books on the library shelves and finding eBooks through the catalog. Included are video tutorials outlining the process for finding and downloading eBooks.
  • Searching Databases & Journals
    On this page, you will information about the databases accessible through WNC, basic and advanced search options, and other ways to locate articles about a specific topic.
  • Reference Sources
    This section includes links to reference databases through WNC, as well as freely available web-based encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases/maps.
  • Statistical Sources
    This page includes links to various statistical resources available including those focused on the United States, international statistics, and those pertaining directly to Nevada.
  • News Sources
    In this section, you will find links to newspaper databases, news wire services, mainstream national and international media outlets, and news outlets in the state of Nevada.
  • Biographical Resources
    In this segment, you will find databases and other resources for doing biographical research.
  • Using Google Scholar
    Information in this section focuses on using Google Scholar to find articles and books that are not necessarily available through the library. Included in information about some of the main sources of articles through Google Scholar and how to obtain access to them.
  • Searching the Web
    This section contains tips and tricks to finding information on the web and how to evaluate websites for academic or other purposes.
  • Finding Videos
    This page includes information about finding videos through WNC, as well as educational and massively open online courses (MOOCs), which are course videos and resources offered by major universities to the public, for free.
  • Finding Images
    This section contains resources for finding digital images that you can use in your research from public and stock sites and institutional sites like museums and libraries. While most of these are open access and free to use, it is important that you appropriately cite the source of any images in your work.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at and the library staff will be happy to help.