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Library Services

Use the tabs below to learn more about the different services available at the library.

Media Services

Digital Campus and Technology: 775-445-3330

Media Services supports the WNC curriculum by purchasing, installing, servicing, and lending classroom media equipment. Media Services maintains mediated classroom and conference room equipment.

Many classrooms at WNC have equipment permanently installed. Mediated rooms generally include the following equipment:
• Digital Multimedia Projector Mounted to the Ceiling
• Projection Screen
• Computer with Ethernet Access
• Video DVD/VHS Player
• Sound System
• Digital Document Camera
• Interactive Pen Display

For equipment in specific classrooms, consult the media maps below.

Carson City Mediated Classroom

Rural Campuses

Equipment Request Form

Equipment Request Form Button

Media equipment may be loaned to college personnel for instructional purposes including: computers, computer projection units, video and digital cameras, video/DVD players, CD players, slide projectors, and other types of equipment. A minimum 24-hour notice (48-hour notice for special event set-ups) is required to ensure that the equipment is available and can be delivered to your teaching location on the requested date. (Due to limited availability of equipment, priority is given to the earliest request.) Only faculty and staff can use the equipment request form for this purpose.